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1 [Oct. 13th, 2008|01:20 pm]
samantha renee
I wish that 1 and I could be a small gang again. I really miss 1. I love 1.

It's sad that I haven't made a post in such a long time, that it took me a while to find out where the "post" button was.
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It's been a while... [Jun. 11th, 2007|08:10 pm]
samantha renee
So I like to just randomly sign in Livejournal and read everyones posts and now this time I have decided to actually post something, since it has almost been a year since I last did. I am also really bored because of the fact that I had the thrilling experience of having my poor little wisdom teeth cut away from the home. It was not at all as bad as everyone made it out to be and I got put under for a whole twenty minutes while they took them out. I barely remember waking up and waiting for my mom to bring the car around however I do remember telling her that she had two heads and that it was really a concern that I got a new band-aid put on where the IV was because it was falling off. I was also really interested in seeing my teeth and no one would show me because I am pretty sure that I looked insane trying to gesture to them what I wanted. I am starving and haven't eaten solid food since last night's dinner... All I can have is crap like yogurt, ice cream, and soup. Honestly, how am I supposed to survive on that? The good thing is that I feel fine and I will be able to go to orientation tomorrow for the new job that I have. It's about damn time that someone hire me and I don't understand why it is such a big deal not to hire me because you can transfer to the same place in Denver and people are just stupid. I can't believe that my first year of college in over and that I only have three years left that are probably just going to fly by as well. It's pretty exciting except for that fact that I realized how much I hate Denver and it's all thanks to that states really shitty weather that I can not stand!
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2006|06:14 pm]
samantha renee
I'm going to college in Denver, and I cannot wait. I feel bad being so excited to leave Arizona because I'm leaving my entire family and all my friends. I feel like I should be more upset or scared but I'm not. There's no doubt that I will miss them like crazy but I'm more excited to be doing what I love everyday and only getting better. For those of you who don't know, I will be majoring in Baking and Pastry Arts. That's right, I'm going to be a damn good pastry chef and just writing about it makes me all smiley and happy and that much more anxious to go. I leave on August 30th, if you love me a lot you should call me so that we can do something before I leave. If not, wish me good luck!
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New Zealand [Oct. 4th, 2005|09:00 pm]
samantha renee
So as most of you know I recently went to Australia and New Zealand with a student ambassador group called People to People and since I got back people have been asking me what I did and I never really gave a detailed day to day description to those who were interested enough to ask. And for those who didn't really want to know I completely understand that you were just extremely jealous and didn't want to boil over in jealously when I would tell you. So without further or do, here it is straight from my journal that I had to keep my 20 days exploration of Australia and New Zealand.


Saturday June 11, 2005
We landed in Auckland, New Zealand today at 5:00 in the morning, which was really weird because we left from Los Angeles on Thursday at about 8:00 at night. We met our bus driver named Keith and started out the day by going somewhere familiar for breakfast, McDonalds. Only this was different in the it had deli sandwiches and a cafe called McCafe, which was much like a small coffee shop with pastries and all that. After that we spent a small portion of the morning taking a tour around Auckland. It was very foggy and cold and made it had to take good pictures or see anything remarkable. After that we headed to a town called Rotorua. This is where we had to take a gondola to the top of a HUGE mountain and when we got to the top we ate lunch did some shopping and then we were able to take a luge type ride to a lower part of the mountain and then take a sky lift back to the top. It was a very interesting but fun way to start off the day. After that we headed to our hotel for the night, which I was very grateful for because it REALLY was the longest day of my life and I needed a shower.

Sunday June 12, 2005
Today we were are still in Rotorua and it is by far the worst smelling town I have ever visited because of all the thermal activity that they are apparently famous for but the smell is unbearable, it reminds me of the smell of rotting eggs basically. We visited and took a tour of Wai-O-Tapu, a thermal "wonderland" that was not so wonderful smelling. It was really really cold and pretty boring and I really didn't care that much about the thermal activity after about the ten millionth steaming geyser that we saw. The next place we went to was something called the Agrodome, which was home to the 19 different sheep of New Zealand and a show that ran daily. It was neat because they had trained the sheep dogs to actually stand on top of the sheep while the sheep just sat there and let the dogs sit on them. I have no idea why they need the dogs to sit on the sheep but it was fun nonetheless. Our last stop for the night was visiting a Maori tribe in a traditional village and experiencing all the traditional ways of the Maori tribe. We stayed in what was called a Marae, or their meetinghouse. They welcomed the whole group with the traditional ceremony much like what they did in Whale Rider. It was an amazing experience and one of my favorite things just because of all the dancing and singing that they did. We spent the night in the Marae and they told us stories of their history, which to my unfortunate luck I fell asleep to.

Monday June 13, 2005
Today we finally left Rotorua and headed to our next destination called Lake Taupo. Here we all got on the very large but extremely fast jet boats and did all sorts of fast turns and whatever jet boats do, I'm not to sure on all the lingo. We got really wet and everyone had chapped faces but it was worth it and the water was amazingly blue and beautiful. For lunch we stopped at a shopping district to do souvenir shopping and to eat lunch, when we were done there we prepared for our homestay in a town called Palmerston North. This was probably the worst experience for me because of the fact that even though my family was nice they were very shy and unfriendly, just not very welcoming as I felt a host family should be. For the rest of the night they served us dinner and we just watched TV the rest of the night. The house was freezing and we soon discovered that they homes there don't have installed heating throughout the entire house just floor heaters and my room didn't have one so therefore when I went to my room to go to bed I could see my breath it was so cold.

Tuesday June 14, 2005
I got up early the next morning, to my own alarm that I had set, to find myself soaked in sweat because I had turned the heat blanket on my bed as high as possible. I went downstairs to take a shower and found to my complete horror that the shower had no shower curtain. It was by far the most awkward shower that I had ever taken and I just felt so violated as I stood there naked in this huge tub taking a shower. That day there was definitely a difference between cultures as I was able to go to school and see how public schools differed from ours. The first major difference was that they got to school until year 13 instead of year 12. Also at the school that I went to they had something around grade 6 all the way to this grade 13 at one school. Once you reached a certain age you no longer had to wear the uniforms even though there were younger grades in uniform, which did not make much sense to me. There are only 5 classes in a day and after their first to classes they have a teatime and then two more classes then lunch and then their last class. The teachers and students have a different relationship in that they are very disrespectful and swear a lot at each other. That night we went downtown and all the kids from the school got together and we all went to see the Amityville Horror, which I hated, but it was still very fun to have everyone get together. It was funny to see all the guys’ reaction to all the girls from my group because they just automatically just surrounded all of us and starting asking these ridiculous questions but all in all it was quite amusing. After the movie we just went back to my home stay family’s house and I had a really hard time falling asleep because of that damn movie, but the night was good.

Wednesday June 15, 2005
Today we joined the rest of our group and we headed out of Palmerston North to go to Wellington. On our way there they passed around the microphone and made everyone tell what they did during their home stay’s and it sounded like everyone had a much better experience than I did which kind of pissed me off. Everyone was supposed to say something but I was so disappointed that I just passed it on without speaking. After a long bus journey we stopped in a small tourist trap place called Lindale know for its good cheese shop, which I must agree was very good. We ate lunch there and there were a few shops to buy stuff in. Once we arrived in Wellington they let us go off by ourselves into the downtown area and go shopping or whatever we wanted. There was going to be a big rugby game there that night so we saw a lot of really cute guys walking around carrying the flags that they represented. That was all that we had planned for the day so after shopping we headed back to the coach and went to our hotel for the evening.

Thursday June 16, 2005
Today was probably one of the most interesting days in that we got to visit the Parliament building in Wellington. After an amazing tour of the building we actually got the chance to sit in on a bill being passed and hear each side of the argument and we found out afterwards that we were not allowed to be there, and not even locals can do what we did. We also learned that New Zealand was the first country to have a female prime minister and she works in a building they call “the beehive” which is exactly what it is shaped like. After that we visited a museum called Te Papa, which is Maori for “our place.” It was a really interesting museum and it combined the Maori culture with the modern culture of New Zealand. Then the last thing that we did that day was go to a place called Studio E or something like that, where we got to make a news broadcast and everyone had different roles either behind the camera or on camera. I was in control of sound mixing and got to be in the control room, it was actually really interesting. We had dinner at a restaurant called Quarter, which for the strangest reason was a New Orleans themed place.

Friday June 17, 2005
Today was our last day on the North Island of New Zealand, and we had to leave this really great tour guide that we had named Keith. We took a ferry to the South Island and it was quite amazing just the mountains and the ocean and we even saw a few sea animals! I started getting a little seasick I will admit, cause I normally don’t, but took so motion sickness pills and just got a little drowsy but felt much better. We met this really cool group of guys that were on a father/son fishing trip and had already started drinking at 9:00 in the morning and were pretty much drunk by the time that we started talking to them. They were really funny and made the trip go by that much faster and kept trying to get us to drink and whatnot. Eventually some stupid girl from our group told one of the leaders that we were talking to them and they made us all come and sit with them which was really dumb and its not like we were even doing anything but whatever, it was still a good time. When we got to the South Island some of the guys actually followed some of the girls from our group to our bus and wouldn’t leave them alone, one of the leaders FREAKED out and went all crazy and started yelling, it was really funny. We met our new bus driver who pretty much sucked compared to our old one and kept making negative comments about America, definitely not the way to get a young group of kids to like you so everyone pretty much hated him from then on. After leaving the docking point we headed to Christchurch, which was about a 5 ½ hour drive, but on the way we stopped at a rocky area by the ocean that was just filled with seals and we got to get pretty close and take pictures and whatnot but they smelled really badly of fish and it got old pretty soon. We had dinner at the wildlife reserve and afterwards got to take a tour and see the protected Kiwi, finally. We weren’t supposed to use our flashes because it would have blinded the bird and it was nighttime so it was really inconvenient. I tried to be all cool with my nighttime taking camera and thought the flash was off but forgot that I had turned it off the save the battery so when I turned it back on the flash was on automatically so I might have blinded an extinct animal.

Saturday June 18, 2005
For me today was a pretty scary day considering we had the choice to repel down a 200ft. mountain and if I chose not to do it I knew that I would not have heard the end of it from my friends. We headed towards the Southern Alps of New Zealand just one valley over from where the Lord of the Rings was shot and it was so obvious that that was where it had taken place. The group that organized all this was called Full-On, and they were some of the most happy, energetic and hyper people that I have ever met and we all very nice to us. So the repelling thing was probably one of the scariest moments of my life because I'm really not a fan of heights and it was just really high and they kept telling us not to let our bodies slam into the side of the mountain. However, I made it to the bottom and my hands were covered with sweat and had little blisters forming already cause I was holding on so tight, I think I was the 5th one down out of 38 people. It took a really long time to get the rest of the people down, especially those who kept going on and then backing up cause they were too scared, we waited about 3 ½ hours. By that time everyone who had gone early were FREEZING and miserable and really grumpy and ready to leave. When we got back to the cabin we were staying in, the same one that the cast of the Lord of the Rings stayed in, they had hot chocolate and scones waiting for us and we spent the rest of the night just talking and playing silly games but it was really warm and enjoyable.

Sunday June 19, 2005
Today was our last day in New Zealand but before heading to the airport to fly to Australia we stopped at an Antarctic Center. It sounded completely boring but was actually really interesting because we got to learn about what the people who lived and studied there did on a daily basis. We learned that different countries had different sections of the continent and the Americans was most favored because we had the biggest area to study in and a bowling alley and all this other stuff that wasted free time. Then we got to talk to a guy who was in Antarctica at that time and asked him questions and he gave us lots of information as well. Then they sent us to this room that was a simulation of what is was like there, when a storm occurred and what temperature it was. It was pretty damn cold and not too enjoyable and I wanted to leave as soon as possible. After that they gave us tickets to go on this ride called the Haggland, which is the kind of transportation that they use. That was really fun and was a lot like a really rough roller coaster ride. After that we went to the airport, which was like right next to the Antarctic center and as we were driving by we saw the New Zealand rugby team called the All Blacks but since our bus driver sucked he didn’t stop and we didn’t get to talk to them or anything.
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Back to School [Jul. 27th, 2005|08:27 pm]
samantha renee
So I was just reading through all these peoples livejournals and the crap they were saying about how they have "stupid" people in their classes. This mad me a little sad because I have never considered myself to be at the top of any of my advanced classes and don't try and compete to get the best grades like all the REALLY smart kids tend to do and then I realized that the stupid people that they are referring to probably includes me as well. I just think that it is completely horrible to talk down about people just because you think that they can't handle the same class as you and succeed in it. Stop judging people based on how smart they are and just get over yourself and mind your own business you assholes.
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meh [May. 4th, 2005|08:15 pm]
samantha renee
so i was at work the other night and this old guy is like has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous? and i was like no, who do you think i look like? and then he said helen hunt with dark hair!?
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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2005|09:54 pm]
samantha renee
"The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity."

Well if I didn't know what that meant before I sure do now...
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c.h.a.n.d.l.e.r. [Mar. 29th, 2005|07:35 pm]
samantha renee
going back to elementary school
super shy
jeweled calculator
first friend
turning 12
playing flute
reading books
riding bikes
first october break
honor band
few friends
summer in pennsylvania
hershey park
first roller coaster
niagara falls
first day in jr. high
too shy
first volleyball game
turning 13
more reading
liking school
mickala, sammy, sammy
millions of pins on our limited too purses
grandfather passed
mr. bell's history class
ice cream w/ mickala
movies at AMC
spring training
danny passed
more flute
made movie with mickala and sammy
football games with amanda
band camp with emily at NAU
last year of jr.high
still shy?
frau goode
volleyball again
turning 14
notebook with mickala
chandler fashion center opens
bitch club
something called reading
movies with mickala just about every weekend
baking cakes
kevin being melissa's brother
manda's art show
first job at salon
sitting outside class before bell
mickala going to a different high school
putting make-up on manda for her graduation-beauty
dinner at the outback
manda going to U of A
crying as we leave tucson without manda
first year in high school
mrs. lindsay
mr. keith
turning 15
freshman volleyball
homecoming (no date)
homecoming pictures with my brother
pictures with my ladies
still working at the salon
new/good friendship with christy
new movie buddy- melissa
CHICAGO! 13 times
concert band with marge
still shy
first B
still working at salon
football games
christmas in colorado
first year of club volleyball
getting my permit
easy sophmore year
shyness continues
ap human geography
turning sweet 16
first date
first date to a dance-homecoming
marching band
marching band in california
jv volleyball
frank and otto
mambi,kimbie, & lil' bambi
still working at salon
more club volleyball
crazy math classes with jill and nate
rosie was put to sleep
quit salon job
no money
renaissance festival= josh
new cell phone
text messaging
talking to guys, yet no too much
frat parties
drama with ray
drama with matt
jewelry with andrew
loosing christy as a friend
getting her back again
prom with matt?
prom with ryan?
prom with john for sure
finally getting my license
spending more time with danielle
kevin's graduation
melissa, aj and i
graduation parties
joe, jason, tristan, scott
getting really job at einstein's
4th of july in tucson with danielle
gym with christy and sammy everyday
the fear of junior year
ap classes
jv volleyball
danielle's first job at einstein's
yet another break between christy and i
melissa and brandon
kim in ireland
week in october with mickey and steve
hatred of the safehouse(sorry!)
dani & ayesha & taylor
kevin and dustin getting drunk
turning 17
me driving the volvo
danielle in her truck
driving around with ryan
thanksgiving with the romero's
quitting einsteins
christmas with the romero's
new year's with mickey, kevin, steve, & lauren
next job at Famous Daves
a midsummer night's dream
frank's house with kim
february 6, 2005 "a true badass always a gentleman"
no club this year
australia and new zealand on the mind
working, working and working
friendship with mickala starts where it left off
new friends: nate, gavin, adam, josh, josh, kyle, mackenzie deutch
st. patrick's day
party was discovered
mean joke on my new friends, me being a dumb ass
more drama and anger with christy, still in progress
lisa frank and meeting austin
manda's tattoo
kim's 20th birthday party
lemondae pong with kim and frank
manda's 21st birthday party
trying to remember my life and what matters
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Spring Monket [Mar. 3rd, 2005|01:57 pm]
samantha renee
so here i am, at the computer, think about all the fucking homework that i have to do within the next seven hours before e.r. comes on and chances are that i wont do any of it! it's said that there a are people who are writing in their journals about their tortured lives and horrible daily experiences and here i come bitching about the fact that i can't stop procrastinating! HA HA HA that is the funniest thing in the world. i have never put a personal and depressing entry in this journal EVER! no offense to those who do because i know a lot of people that do, but i like to save those things for my diary. yes, that i correct i have a diary and only ONE person knows where it is...
so, i'm pretty much sick of high school and it is really boring and makes me want to shoot myself in the foot. i remember the times in like elementary school when you could not fucking wait to get up every morning and go to school, honestly those small children must be on drugs because now that i think of it there is nothing in school that makes me want to hop out of bed every morning at 5:00 and say "score! i get to go to school today, hot damn!" i'm so tired, i really just want to sleep all day and read books in bed or lay out in the sun or even work out, yeah thats right, i would rather work out than go to school.
my parents are going out of town for a few days over spring break, that experience will be interesting seeing as it will only be kevin and i and kevin likes to drink from time to time and that whole thing is really not my thing. it should be fun though cause i can stay out later, yeah, i look forward to staying out later when my parents are out of town, got a problem with it?
i didn't see a movie the whole month a february, if i don't see a movie soon i might have to punch something...
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the most... [Feb. 22nd, 2005|08:06 pm]
samantha renee
so everyone has multiple reason for not wanting to get gas:
a. money
b. the smell
c. a pain the the ass
d. aren't really sure how to (that's me)
e. get it on you're hands...
however today made me never want to go to the gas station ever again! so i was with kiki before we headed over to ikea, and she was just talking me through the process of getting gas. eventually i realize that these two (mexican) guys start yelling "gato" to my friend and i. like multiple times they were yelling this. for those who don't know what that means, it means "cat", however i had to double check with kiki to make sure that they were in fact calling us cats, and laughing about it to, no doubt. well, eventually they start yelling "here, kitty kitty" and making that little clicking noise with their tongues. i was completely mortified. not to mention the fact that i had to kick the gas tank door into place because it was broken, and then there was even more evil laughter coming from them. so i quickly glance at danielle and we both run into the car as they are still laughing and i lock the doors and speed away. in the middle of daylight this was, there was even another time when we were getting gas at night and these guys (mexican) were circling us in their truck yelling in spanish, nothing i understood nor wanted to.
i told this story to my mom and all she said was "that's because guys are pigs, pigs!"
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